Blockchain enabled traceability

Wholechain™ enables visibility within global supply chains allowing businesses to manage risks and increase efficiencies, and consumers can make more responsible decisions.

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Share the stories behind your products

Consumers are increasingly demanding more information about the food they buy, but the market needs a whole chain solution that transfers products and the corresponding data reliably and efficiently through the whole supply chain.

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SUPPLier Coordination

Enable data sharing in your supply chain

Wholechain™ enables stakeholders to share data and product attributes at each link in the supply chain, which can lead to increased efficiency, decreased waste, and a greater capacity to engage consumers through meaningful storytelling.

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Traceable product journey on the blockchain
Capture IoT sensor data on the blockchain

Supply Chain Digitization

Trace product claims back to their source

Fragmentation and inefficiencies are more prevalent due to a lack of data flow and verified claims within supply chains. By creating an immutable ledger of transactions throughout each supply chain, Wholechain™ allows stakeholders to be held accountable for claims of authenticity, legality and sustainability.

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Connect your supply chains in a whole new way

Use Wholechain™ to empower your enterprise to coordinate, manage and share supply chain data.

Blockchain mobile app


Track transactions by creating digital twins of your products and capturing data that can help you increase efficiency, manage risks and monitor quality.

Supply chain mapping


Coordinate your supply chain stakeholders by mapping your entire supply chain ahead of time to improve efficiency, communication, and risk mitigation.

Supply chain QR code reader


Wholechain™ uses QR codes to enable fast access to retrieve and validate records, as well as an option for automated entry of repetitive and consistent data fields.

Supply chain analytics


The Wholechain™ desktop dashboard allows your team to visualize supply chain data enabling valuable insights to critical supply chain issues.

Blockchain for traceability


Blockchain enables increased trust by placing records on a decentralized and immutable ledger, improving the speed of data sharing and the visibility of transactions.

Digital product twins

Customizable TEMPLATES

Create custom record templates to ensure that you and your supply chain partners capture the right data for business, certification, and regulatory purposes.


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